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Thhhuuunnndddeerr Sisters!

You all know my primary role is in my home with little people everyday; to say I watch a lot of kid shows would be a wild understatement.
During our brief winter, we bought The Croods 2: A New Age. I would say the first 5 times it was watched, I saw less than 30 minutes of it total, but I caught a few scenes that intrigued me. God often moves in my heart over kids movies, so this doesn’t come as surprise when he brings revelation or a blog post from a comical animated adventure.
I have mentioned these to my friends a few times in passing. There is a window fascination that was my first intrigue, but then at the end, the Thunder Sisters emerge, and that is where I saw it.
The Croods are in search of their “tomorrow” they are primitive but built on community. This tomorrow contains all their dreams. This landmark day, they stumble on a wall and on the other side a beautiful “tomorrow” awaits them – a jungle lush and green, full of all the food you can eat….but the bananas are the fruit you must not touch. This is the home of the Bettermans.
The Bettermans’ world is full of modern conveniences and privacy, things very unfamilar to the community-based Croods, and they do not want this “better” way for their family. The Bettermans agree that the Croods DO NOT belong in their better world, but in an effort to prove their point, the Croods eat the bananas only to find out the Bettermans were using the bananas to keep the monster monkey at bay. The men in the story are in serious peril.
The women in turmoil too, decide to unite together to rescue the men and assemble The Thunder Sisters! It’s an ancient warrior tribe of womans, as Granny says. They are given tribe names based on their gifts, like Seeker, Fire Heart, Sister Sunset, Blood Horn, and Bog Water. They rise up together on mission united in heart, even amoungst their differences, to go after the ones they love. When they raise their arms ready for battle, I saw my Entourage sisters.
My prayer for us as Entourage women is that we be a mighty army of warrior women for the Lord, and despite the differences of our lives, we mount up together in battle for the souls of the people that need the living water of our Savior. May we have the discernment to know the gifts God has given each of us and that we work together like an unstoppable force of love and mercy. I pray we be rooted deep in community and our “kill circle” be effective on our enemy because of the mighty power of God within us. Lord may we be identifiable as agents of Your mercy by the markings of You on our faces.
Thunder Sisters! Let’s Ride!

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