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I wear yoga pants 99.99999 percent of my life . I have a specific brand I like, I prefer the ones with pockets …. That being said I have been perfectly designed at the height that my pockets (sweatpants or yoga) are at the exact same height as my cabinet knobs . This is 100 percent likely to happen while wearing my sweats and walking swiftly is that my pocket will grab a knob and yank me backwards . I often find it funny but after a few times and am annoyed and put on my “ real pants” which are yoga pants as I call them .

Also to be noted I have a large toddler population in my home so I also own magnetic cabinet locks – if you don’t know what these are and have cabinet monsters – highly recommend! While these cabinet locks are incredible I am notoriously loosing the cabinet “key” which is the magnet itself. They are cased in hard white plastic upon purchase, none of mine are now due to extensive dropping at the exact right angle to burst child proof casing or baking at 350 for 15 minutes on the bottom of a biscuit pan! Out of my original 4 and replacement 6 I now own 2, it’s talent I know but these things are vital if you need a sippy cup or the toaster !

I’m getting somewhere I promise … so for the last few days I’ve been down to one. It’s friend I knew I would find on the bottom of some pan I had gotten it to close to while cooking so I didn’t worry but I often pocket them in my rush around the kitchen. Today while moving laundry from the washer to the dryer, jackpot there sticking to the inside of my washer was the magnet so I tucked it in my pocket … it’s the only one that’s not chipped or broken so it’s the “ favorite “ magnet 🤣! I moved on about my day and came back to get clothes out of the dryer an hour or so later ( also crazy I know but 6 kids) with two toddlers close at my feet I could not get away from the dryer door ! I thought oh snap my pants are hung and I look down to see the magnet in my pocket (powerful booger) is stuck to the door. I find this hilarious and snap a picture and move on. Here I sit at midnight in toddler number 3’s room and the Lord brings this to mind with the question – What are you carrying around that is making you feel stuck but is actually just an item that doesn’t belong in your pocket?

And right now man I could make a list of things I give to God and pick up on the daily. Our future, the future of the children in my home, the number of times I think Lord HELP I think must make him giggle . Yesterday I realized though I was carrying a burden for a friend that is not mine to carry. I am not a Savior. I am a servant of the only one who saves. I can not hold myself responsible for any one’s success or failure. I can only pray and submit it to the Lord . I found myself stuck yesterday.

Life is overwhelming. I could list off a million circumstances around me that would make you question my sanity. Like I tell my children through I can only control a few things. My attitude, my actions and who has power over my heart.

If I’m honest life feels a little like David felt

1 Save me, God,
for the water has risen to my neck. 2 I have sunk in deep mud, and there is no footing;
I have come into deep water,
and a flood sweeps over me. 3 I am weary from my crying;
my throat is parched.
My eyes fail, looking for my God. – Psalms 69:1-3

But in my heart I know where the key is and it is with thanksgiving in my heart I approach the unique opportunity to be forged in the fire and like David in the same song I will sing

34 Let heaven and earth praise him,
the seas and everything that moves in them, 35 for God will save Zion
and build up the cities of Judah.
They will live there and possess it. 36 The descendants of his servants will inherit it,
and those who love his name will live in it. – Psalms 69:34-36

So if you are in a season a lot like mine I challenge you take the magnet out of your pocket and true to the month of November think about the things you are thankful for and approach the Lord with gratitude and maybe a worship dance party. I promise you one song and dance will change your attitude😜

Then go ahead and bring your rock to the sword fight and tell your enemy this :

45 David said to the Philistine: “You come against me with a sword, spear, and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord of Armies, the God of the ranks of Israel — you have defied him. 46 Today, the Lord will hand you over to me. Today, I’ll strike you down, remove your head, and give the corpses of the Philistine camp to the birds of the sky and the wild creatures of the earth. Then all the world will know that Israel has a God, 47 and this whole assembly will know that it is not by sword or by spear that the Lord saves, for the battle is the Lord’s. He will hand you over to us.” – 1 Samuel 17:45-47

The battle is already won even in your very day , welcome to my chaos .

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