Lessons from the ranch

There is nothing in the world quite like hearing my dad call cows. I have learned a lot of things about life watching him but by far the most important lessons I’ve learned from him is when to help and when to be still and quiet .
I have always prided myself in being able to tackle anything but sometimes you are not the man for the job( like calling up the cows). The best thing you can do is sit in the grass be still and enjoy the view .

God uses my Dad and brother to teach me powerful lessons sometimes. I don’t even realized I’ve learned them until I’m in a season of life like this one and the Lord says be still with me and appreciate the view .

The other thing that stuck out to me in our last cattle working experience mirrors this concept . I’ve always known to stick close to dad but in separating cattle a few weeks ago, I observed that the safest place to be often right behind him. I can’t be in the way or a distraction if I’m following closely behind him.

The same concept applies to my spiritual life , I can not be in the way of what the Lord is doing or leading me in as long as I’m behind him. I have a hard time getting ahead of myself so this was a beautiful reminder to to stay in step with the path God is leading me down ! A familiar lesson from Kristy Calloway too! Let your Father light the path !

Still as a statue 🤣

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