School Drop off

School drop off and pick up lines are a popular discussion, these days the complaints are many, the line doesn’t move fast enough, there are 5 million people in line, it takes an hour, etc….. Admit it, you clicked this because you thought I was about to stand on my soap box and hate on the dreaded line hahaha.  I also live in rural Oklahoma and I know what an incredible blessing that is- not all consider it that but I am for sure among those who love this country life.  Color me naive my little sweet angels are in Pre-K, and I do drop off with them in the morning and the teachers at the school make it so easy and efficient I want to get out of the car and hug them!  Seriously people they got up early to literally stand outside and open the car door for all these kiddos so I don’t have to put on real pants and shoes – lady if I had my shoes on I would get out of this car and give you an awkward high five!  Then when I come to pick up my children (on the rare occasion I have to because I have an awesome friend that brings them home) they use radios to make sure when you arrive at the front of the line your precious little darlings are waiting with a teacher right there to be loaded into your vehicle again I DID NOT HAVE TO WEAR SHOES …….DID YOU HEAR THAT…These incredibly under payed teachers, come to the door of my car and escort my children in and bring them right to my door….How can I possibly complain about that??? I am thankful that I don’t have to park and get out, that my kids don’t have an hour long bus ride like I did (quite literally the first one on and the last one off for me-I may not be remembering that accurately though- mom you can correct that memory for me) so I say all that to say this – we should prob tip that lovely teacher opening the door for our lovely, rested and joyous morning lilies … like I feel like I should hand her a 20 for real.

Also can I just say the poop stories never end in this house…..Porter : momma I pooped in the potty (me to myself oh shiz where?) Did you flush? NO I pooped in baby potty( face to palm) giant man turd in the training potty oh joy…..that is lovely.  But at least I didn’t pick it up out of the floor thinking it was play dough today:)

Happy Tuesday from Camp-run-a muk where the children run wild and the coffee flows freely and we know 13 versions of Baby shark……do do dit ta do #youknowthewordsadmitit

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