Things I learned today

  1. Okay so I have mentioned a time or too I am working on this minimalism project…here is something I learned about myself today that I am sure my husband already knew.  I am a glass bottle hoarder… for real..if the bottle is cool I will keep it, I think at one point I had this grand idea about making citronella torches ( I made one then we had kids and realized that is a terrible idea) side note I kept over 20 bottles to do this with in a garage that made an excellent home for dirt dobbers.  I also have a collection of cool wine bottles I meant to give to T.S. to put Christmas lights in (sorry that I never followed through on that)  I imagined I could store all sorts of things in them? LIKE WHAT MIGHT YOU ASK?  Well I keep hummingbird food in my fridge in a couple of pendleton bottles and beyond that I have never used them for a blooming thing.  So today I was listening to a podcast while feeding the baby sweet potatoes and decided what better time to clean out some junk… mind you I did some kitchen cleaning a few months ago and donated two boxes of coffee cups and wine glasses.   I have no idea why I didn’t start with my glass bottle collection (dear trash man I triple bagged it don’t be mad)  I pulled out a super large amazon box full of glass bottles from under my cabinet and 4 empty 2 liters….what the heck was I keeping all that for?????? They were so far back I had to send a kid in after them!!
  2. If you are considering your next gift for a toddler for Christmas or birthday consider this….the two toddlers in my house beat the ever loving tar out of those 2 liter bottles for 2 hours…. DO NOT BUY TOYS…this is way more fun and you don’t care if they tear it up!  They getting bored? throw some dish soap and water in there and let them beat it some more!  I don’t know what the original purpose in keeping them was but I am certain this was a much better use of it.  You will need to buy yourself ear plugs though….seriously. You are very welcome for the best gift your toddler will ever receive.
  3. Do not leave the running stroller in an unlocked position on the porch unless you intend them to play with it, if you live on a hill …don’t.  I walk out the front door to toddler H pushing the stroller while toddler P rides, toddler H loses control and the stroller goes flying down the hill with me chasing behind it.  There is a pond at the bottom of that hill and I felt like I was about to be on a bloopers reel.  The stroller did not make it to said pond but let me just say toddler P had the ride of his life and loved it while toddler H stood in disbelief at me running down the hill barefoot trying to catch runaway stroller.  Next event in mom olympics.
  4. I let the kids help me cook whenever possible- they made their own sandwiches today (supervised I mean they are 2 and 3)  I walked away to feed the baby her bottle and left the honey to close to toddler P, and well do I need to explain that any further….enough said.
  5. I know longer enjoy the game name that food on the floor- if you read previous blog post you know about the play dough incident and that you should never assume what you are picking up with out further inspection, that even has me traumatized and I almost cried when I noticed brown smears on the stairs….luckily this time it was only chocolate-chocolate chip muffin….woo that was a close one.

Oh and by the way it is only noon……I can’t wait to see what the rest of the day holds! It is only Thursday folks

love- Camp-run-a-muk Janitorial services

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