Sometimes life gets exciting, and for one momma squirrel (pronounced Squeal by the little people) it was a little to exciting, but I bet her little man came home with lots of stories of the crazy world he explored !! I happen to look out the window to see my friend stopped in the middle of my driveway, I jumped up and went outside and she is yelling for me to get the dogs away(insert mini panic attack that I was about to have to render emergency services to a small creature.  I kennel the big dogs, grab a pair of gloves and head back to find all 5 kids and T gathered around a baby squirrel who could not climb back up the tree.  Reluctantly I pick the little dude up and expecting an abrupt reaction I brace to be scratched or bitten by a most likely rabid squirrel (hahah jk)  I don’t know if you have been around 5 kids age 4 and under and a baby squirrel but oh almighty….so much screaming, squealing, huge hands coming at little dude’s face, but he remained calm, sitting on my shoulder and crawling around.  Ok I was in momentary love and thought aweeee I could keep him and make him my little squirrel pet but then I thought of the mommy who was panicked that her baby was gone from the nest.  My heart was so sad and I knew it was selfish to keep him from his family just because I wanted a pet squirrel, and also he is a tiny rat and I knew he would destroy my house out of no fault of his own hahaha.  My other thought is he would be absolutely adorable until my dogs got him and viscously murdered him in front of my children….no thanks.  There is enough crying in this house already without a massacre.  We let him go into the bush on the porch where he explored and once again came back to my feet and climbed to my shoulder to sit, do you know how much self control is required to let a rodent climb you???? ALOT.  It was obviously apparent on my face because A said you are obviously not enjoying that….  Eventually he wondered on down the porch unnoticed and sat in the rocks and squeaked at him momma, we waited a few minutes and peaked around the corner to see his mom holding him and he clinging to her neck as she climbed the nearest  tree and jumped to 3 other tree tops to get him home safely, we were all amazed and squealing with excitement because well possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen!! We got to be that mommy squirrels community and it felt so good.  My challenge to you is to find yourself a mom squad- one that will let your little rodents crawl all over them even if they are covered in fleas !!!!

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