Laugh or Cry

A is a beacon of common sense and problem solving- much like her momma- but also like her momma her solutions are not always the most sensible option.  She doesn’t like to ask for assistance (again no idea where she got that ) so her solutions are most often the ones that require no help from the outside.  She continues to be a reflection of my relationship with my dad as a kid, as I watch her do many of the things I did with him as a little girl.  She follows him everywhere, where Pop goes, A is close behind.  She rode Smokey with him (also the name of the horse we had when I was little) and it was the sweetest thing.  I would like to insert just as a disclaimer that my mom said she had to be 5 before she could ride, she is not 5 and no one asked my permission – bahaha not that I cared I was in full support of that horse ride but I say that so I can visualize you rolling your eyes mom 🙂  She gets what she wants and it has helped me understand what life was like when I was a girl so much more .  Pop lets her make cookies so she can eat the dough (and so Mimi can too) but the funniest thing I have seen her do came over the weekend.  My dad always let Matt and I style his hair, I can remember sitting on the back of the chair and fixing his hair, Avery does the same.  I was on the couch watching when I witnessed my daughter hock and spit in my dads hair- I screamed her name horrified ….but then I was over taken by hilariousness of the situation.  Dad said “did she just spit in my hair?” I started laughing hysterically….I mean the kind of laugh that hurts.  This of course mortified my daughter and she began to cry – all the time my dad is telling her it is ok, she was just problem solving.  Then I saw it again, I have spent a life time crying to my dad and hearing him laugh and I finally understood it, Avery cried and I couldn’t help but laugh, I never thought it was funny as a girl either but now I see no one else in the world could have gotten away with spitting in my dads hair and she did it with such innocence it was hysterical.  She needed to wet his hair and she wasn’t going to ask so she came up with the best solution maybe it wasn’t the smartest but it was darn near the funniest thing I have ever seen.

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