Brave Beyond

I am standing witness to a horrible car crash, thats what it feels like, watching my friend speed head on into a collision and being so unsure if she will come out on the other side.  I stand, I watch, I pray, but the reality of it is, every aspect of the incident is out of my control.  There are no words that bring comfort, there are no medicines to numb the pain, it is just horrible to feel so helpless.  We all have hidden insecurities that are rooted deeply, on the outside we appear to be a people person with lots of friends and a great life but on the inside its like a mold of lonely and sad and it spreads from one surface to another, like a loaf of bread slowly being consumed by green fuzz.  She is being consumed by something so horrible, each of your mommy hearts worse nightmare, instead of celebrating birthdays, she counts days since she last held her baby, I can only imagine she wished she could count days until she holds her again.  I can not imagine the epic emptiness she feels, I can not comfort her pain, I have no words to bring relief to the grief so I beg you mommys in the muck together, take a moment today and stop everything and lift my friend up, may she feel every prayer whispered on her behalf, may she know that she is loved, worthy, and cherished.  You see this lady would go to the ends of the earth for her friends, if you are loved by her you receive her whole heart, she doesn’t love a little- her love engulfs you, her selfless nature knows no bounds, I pray today she feels the love poured out onto her from the lips of mommys all across the world.

Camp-run-a-muk’s Lead Prayer Warrior

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