I had a pretty cool moment yesterday- I admit prob my favorite thing about babies is having one fall asleep in your arms, I have been working really hard for this specific little babe to love me as much as I love her, but she is pretty stubborn.  I wonder if that is how God feels sometimes, he loves us so hard and we stiffen our back and scream, he longs to hold us and we buck his embrace.  JUST LET ME LOVE YOU KID!!!  He is persistant though and he chases us, holds on tight, and sings sweet songs of rest to our hearts.  I was reminded of this truth yesterday as I sat rocking this sweet babe, and held tight, and in the sweetest moment she rested in my arms.  It made me feel like I was resting in God’s at that moment and I closed my eyes and took a little cat nap with 5 precious kids sleeping at once under my roof.  Let’s face it everyone needed that little rest,  because have you ever seen what 5 kids can do to your house??

We experienced our first celebration assembly yesterday and my momma heart was so full, my little AJ received student of the month and I actually got teary eyed…. and in my head I am like ” girl get it together, this is pre-k! Get your emotions under control”    Can I just tell you how much I love my kids school?  I LOVE IT!  AJ was so surprised by her award and their celebration was awesome….my little bashful babe….she totally did not get that from me- it maybe the only thing she didn’t get me.  I could just go on and on but I will just leave you with this video so you can experience it for yourself.  The best part of this to me was, her best friend and twin was her biggest cheer leader and he was as proud of her as she was of herself! Let me just say it takes a village to attend your kids events !

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