6 years ago episode 1

6 years ago today we said I do, and tonight we read the questions we answered about one another out loud after spending the whole day in comfy clothes with our kids watching the rain fall.



In what way is your fiancé special?

He is the most amazingly compassionate heart felt person I have ever met, we were friends long before we dated and he is always the person I have turned to for all the trials in my life, he has always been there to be my rock.  His love for his family and for me has always been unconditional. It makes my desire to love those around me even stronger.

How is he or she like no other person in your life?
Clay has always believed in me no matter what it is my heart is set on , he always believes I can do anything. He makes me feel stronger, more empowered and always safe and at home. He is my safe haven no matter what storms life may bring. He believed in me when no one else did. It’s his faith in me that got me where I am today.

Spend 15 minutes quietly thinking about your fiancé. Ask yourself, “What intrigues me about my fiancé?”

He is incredibly smart, yet he never makes you feel like he is above you, his heart is huge he will do anything for those he loves, he loves his family and that is such an important thing to both of us.  When we were in high school we used to pass notes under code names and to this day we still have a tendency to refer to each other as Superman and Cinderella, he is my hero and I his princess.

What are your fiancé’s potential, giftedness, and passions? How do these things grow your love for your fiancé?
He and I are both very passionate about people and it amazes me all the time that he is selfless, we once spent 45 minutes in the cold aisle at walmart because he was helping a young mother with a sick baby who was so distraught, he took the time to talk to her and help her feel at ease, at that moment I looked at him and thought wow, I have an amazing man in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful.  I look at him everyday and think what an amazing Doctor and man he is and I am not sure he has any idea how wonderful he is.  I fall more in love everyday as I see more and more of his heart and love for his job and all the things around him.

What is most beautiful and wonderful about your fiancé?

The most wonderful thing about Clay is that he is my best friend and I could never ask for a better one, he is my heart and soul and he has always been so sure there was nothing we could not endure, but probably the most beautiful thing about him is he lets me be his rock too, we are never working just for ourselves, we are a team and it has been the most amazing journey we have made and worth every moment of our trials because we are here and we are so happy, and there is nothing I like better than seeing him smile.

What about your fiancé makes you thankful?

Absolutely everything, when I hear ladies complain about their husbands I think to myself I do not have one single thing to complain about, he is absolutely amazing. The one thing I am most thankful for is the honesty and trust that is between us, we are always honest, even when it might make the other one angry, the reason we are so honest is because even before the engagement we decided that leaving was never an option.  Relationships are hard and he is always willing to work with me on things so that we can both be happy.  I can’t even explain how important that trust is because I never worry. Never.

How is your fiancé like Christ?

His huge heart, unconditional love, and selflessness is one of his most beautiful qualities…

Write down 1-2 stories that sum up the things you love most about your fiancé.

If we sit in the quiet or we talk non stop it is fine, some of the most amazing times we have had have been in the quiet of a sunrise after he has worked all night we are perfectly content to sit side by side in awe of the beauty. My favorite thing about him is just that no matter where we are no matter what we do, I know that as long as we are together nothing life throws at us will ever take away the beauty of that silent moment in the sunrise or the constant chatter of a sunset after a long day.

I can’t even begin to explain what he means to me, I feel like we were made for this.

Most people doubted us because we waited so long to marry but I can tell you in this moment we feel like all our hard work has paid off and it is time to sit back and watch our dreams come true, I am so glad that his unwavering faith in me and I in him has brought us to this day.. I have never seen him so content and I have never been so happy to be joining myself in Christ to a man I admire with all my heart , my whole life I looked for someone like my Daddy and as I see him work diligently every day to make a better life for us, I realize I found just that,  a man I love and admire and who treats me the way my Daddy always told me it should be. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be this blessed and in love.  When girls tell me they want a man like Clay I assure them they sure do, and they are out there, from the moment we met at 17 to now, well I know that God brought our lives together for a reason and in patience and kindness we found the greatest treasure. Love.


You are my greatest treasure

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