6 years episode 2

His response 6 years ago…

In what way is your fiancé special?

The first time I met Katie was at Disciple Now.  I came in late after pitching the best game I ever had, I was on a high from it and then excited about Disciple Now. I was sitting on the backrow and I see this long blonde haired girl that I didn’t recognize and then it happened. She turned around and smiled at me…..I was floored! From that second forward I have been head over heels. There is nothing else in the world that can warm my heart, make me forget all that’s stressing me, pull me out of the darkest hour, or still make my heart flutter than seeing that smile. 

How is he or she like no other person in your life?

Other than family the people that surround you are constantly changing as you live your life. Friends come and go for whatever reason, relationships don’t last, you move, jobs change, etc. The people you feel close to, that are important, that you reveal yourself to; you believe that they will be in your life forever.  For whatever reason those relationships are strained and at some point you consciously allow them to drift away. Katie is the only person that no matter what I’ve never been able to let drift away. It hasn’t mattered what strain was placed on our relationship there hasn’t been anyone I’ve fought harder for, forgiven more, or been willing to do whatever it took to revive that relationship. She is the only person in my life that I’ve been willing to, and will ALWAYS be willing to, work through whatever life throws at us. 

Spend 15 minutes quietly thinking about your fiancé. Ask yourself, “What intrigues me about my fiancé?” 
What are your fiancé’s potential, giftedness, and passions? 

Katie is truly one of those people that if she sets her mind to something she will not only accomplish her goal, but will do it at the utmost level. When she dives into something it is always 100%. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a job, project, event, friendship, or relationship they get her all. She will give all her effort, time, strength, money, and most importantly her heart. Katie has a givers heart, that’s a character trait that I believe is very rare and one that I hold very dear.

How do these things grow your love for your fiancé?

I have always tried to do that same thing throughout life and knowing that she lives with that same passion is the foundationof our relationship. Seeing her live with that same passion is a constant reminder of not only what I love about her but also why I love her. Knowing that we each live with this passion I believe is why we don’t fight much. Like any relationship things do happen but it makes it easier to be understanding, forgiving, and grows us closer as things are worked through because it is a constant encourager and accountability partner. 

What is most beautiful and wonderful about your fiancé? 

Living life 100% and having a servants heart is the most beautiful and wonderful thing about her. All the people I hold dear in my life, that I have tried to emulate and use as my guides, my heroes, have had this same trait. These are people that have molded me in to the man I am today, have loved me no matter what, and been there for me through everything. The people that as I’m typing this thinking about them I’m crying. The wonderful thing about her is I see all of her personality traits, both good and bad, in all of the people. When she does something, says something, acts a certain way, whatever it may be that reminds me of one of those people I smile, kiss her on the forehead, and tell her she’s beautiful. She REALLY REALLY hates it when it happens when she’s mad at me and I’m over there smiling and giggling while she’s giving me earful. 

What about your fiancé makes you thankful?

Her heart. It seems to be a common theme, living thru heart, servant heart. So there are a lot of reason I am thankful for her heart.. Her heart is the most precious thing she has to give, knowing it’s the one that hurts most.  I’m not an easy person to be in a relationship with because I’m always going 90 to nothing. During med school she got to see me in a way no other person did. People that knew me thought they know how busy I was, how much time it took, the stress, the changes in moods, the rollercoaster mind games, the highs, the lows. They may have known, but she saw it on a daily basis. Her heart is what put up with me through it, held me when I didn’t have anything left, and understands how much work it takes and is still standing here through it all. 

How is your fiancé like Christ?

I believe everything I’ve been describing is how Christ would live. All of those people that I guide my life on we trying to live their lives like Christ.

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