A letter to myself

What would you tell yourself if you could go back to your youth-  I would go back to 15 year old me and tell her these truths….although I am super grateful for where the journey brought me and the people it placed in my life

The greatest thing you are learning is to work hard, nothing you can do will make your mom and dad love you less, stop lying and tell the truth.  You are not defined by a boyfriend, boys will say anything to win your affection, but you will learn through a few true friends that not all boys are the same, they will not be the most handsome of the men in your life but they will love and protect you without merit, cherish those boys.  Girls will be mean, you don’t have to let it shape who you are, you are not defined by the size of your pants or the length of your hair- hold this truth will need it.  One day you will have friends that far exceed what you considered best friends should be.   There are reasons for the legal smoking age, it isn’t cool and it is an addiction, you tell yourself you can quit but it will take years past when you expected it to.  When your mom said if you get one or two good friends in your lifetime consider yourself blessed…believe it.  She will be one of them, regardless of how it feels now.  When they tell you that you will turn out like your mom, stop rolling your eyes, that is a good thing and you totally will.  College is not for everyone and you can not possibly major in all the things people say you will be good it with each changing semester and come out with a degree.  Do not believe when they say if you wait past 25 you will not have children- God determines that.  Stop mourning a loss you have yet to know.  Family is not always blood and because they are blood does not mean they want the best for you.  You will have sisters, you will have a Memaw, and they will replace any need you had for the ones who do not love you, cherish them and release the others.  Forgiveness is essential, even when it is given to yourself.  You were created to serve, embrace that however it looks in whatever season of life you are in.  There is a man who will surpass all expectation, he will embody the qualities of your father even when you don’t recognize them in the beginning and he will love you beyond your wildest dreams and free you to be the person you were created to be. You are incredibly strong and wise, the acts of service you will gain the most from will be the ones no one knew you did.  YOU DO NOT NEED RECOGNITION.  Your wedding day will not be the most beautiful day of your life, but every day after that will be.  Stop collecting STUFF, one day you will trash it all and guess what, you won’t miss it.  Don’t carry the baggage, yes you experienced some bad things, maybe more than once, give them to God I promise he is worthy to carry the burden.  The most beautiful days of your life are still ahead of you and you are making this world a better place one heart at a time.

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