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Follow me down this rabbit hole will you? I just had this thought in my kitchen and ran to my computer with my coffee cup throwing up a quick prayer that Frozen holds the toddlers long enough for me to get this out as I feel it being laid out for me.  I was praying last night and asking God to speak to me, to direct this blog, to direct my steps and I said I know I am not going to just hear you talking to me as I drive home like I hear myself speaking out loud…. then it occurred to me.  If I believe He is who he says He is, then why on earth would I think he couldn’t audibly speak to me.  I used to joke that God emailed me, then I thought today well that is funny, God can do whatever he wants to do and while I don’t expect to receive something from after this I do believe we are all tools he uses to speak and I know that with some of the incredible people God has placed in my life, he sure has spoken through email, text, and audibly to my ear….I just needed to adjust the way I listen.  I am adjusting the way I listen today, listen to my husband, to my kids, and to the wonderful people around me.  This morning I realize God is speaking to my heart through the sacrifice of my husband to make things important to me happen, through my toddlers surrounding me in love and through the community of women he has placed in my life, and to that I raise my coffee mug and say “I hear you.”



Camp-run-a-muk Communication specialist

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