H is for heart

Things you should know about Hunter before I begin this story-  Hunter will ask a million questions, he will remember exactly what you tell him.  He can tell you the names of almost every dinosaur and whether they are a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore( although he think they roamed the earth in the 1980’s if that gives you any idea of how old he thinks I am ) He knows most of the 72 most dangerous animal in Latin America and Australia, and 100% believes Bigfoot exists and he really needs a hat to keep the sun off his head, which is exactly what he will bring him when he figures out where he lives.  I went to parent teacher conference, he knows all his letters and sounds, he can read the contacts on my phone, he is just an incredibly smart child.  The thing even bigger than his curiosity is his heart, his empathy for those hurting around him amazes me, his perception of feelings is far beyond is 4 year old heart.  Nothing makes this boy shed a tear quite like seeing me sad.  It is amazing to me his perception for how I feel, he will do anything not to disappoint me, and with this comes his boldness to tell on himself immediately when he does something wrong because he knows how important the truth is to me so the first thing he will do is tell you exactly what he did in order to be relieved of the burden.  This attribute cracks me up because my brother had it in high school and it worked to his up most advantage because I didn’t have that attribute growing up.  So I say all this to tell this story.  We lost my Aunt (Memaw) recently and something that was important to her has now become something I feel I need to take care of for her.  I like to be as truthful as possible about the facts of life with my kids, and they go pretty much everywhere I do so they walked right along side of me in this chore.  We went to Bokchito with flowers for Mama, Papa and Uncle Tom.  We parked in front of my grandparents stone, which they are familiar with because they have been to it many times before, but today we got out, we places flowers for Mama and Papa, and for the first time I knew without they understood Memaw’s passing.  Hunter holding my left hand said I want to see Memaw’s, and the tears began to flow, I took them first to Uncle Tom’s ( he isn’t my uncle- they call him that because Chris’ kids do)  he was my cousin, Joan’s eldest son.  We cleaned up the flowers already in place, we put fresh fall flowers and they watched as I tidied his stone, then we went to see Memaws, she doesn’t have a stone yet (rain and all the things considered when you place one of those) but they smelled her sprays of fake flowers saying how beautiful they smelled (oh kiddos) and held my hand as tears ran down my face and walked me  back to the car.  This moment beautiful to me, was simply Hunter taking care of momma, for him.  Today he went to school alone, sister is under the weather, and in true Hunter fashion is listing the birthdays he knows between now and his (GG and Mimi’s birthdays were recent and Uncle Matt’s is soon so birthdays are fresh on his mind.)  He list the ones coming in true sense, Kenton, Aunt Hannah, then he gets to January, and says “mom Memaw will be 73 this year, how are we going to celebrate if she isn’t here?”  I got to explain that she would celebrate in a new way this year, with her new body, in the company of her mom, dad and son…and we miss her but we are so happy for her… Miss Bradley got to see me in my finest sobbing moment in drop off line.  I was so proud in that moment of my son’s heart.  YOU my son have been created for great things,  and of all the things that are important in life, your heart will always be the most important.  Your love is so big, and as we always said of you as a toddler ‘ I love you so hard’ you keep loving life so hard Hunter Joe- we are so proud of you little man.

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