V for Vendetta

Do you know those people that think out their beauty decisions, the ones who plan their hair color by the season and never get more than a trim, thinking out with precision how everything will look.  I am 1,000% percent not that person,  I could change my hair 3+ times in a week, I may get up in the middle of the night and buzz the side or underneath and not give it a second thought.  I don’t have a lot of value in what people think about my hair- I mean it feels good for people to like it and I try to avoid things that my hubby doesn’t like……which are few and far between but my hair doesn’t define me and I LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEE to change it !!! I used to think it was directly correlated with me emotional stability at the time but now days I know it is more likely just my need for some spice in my every day or the fact I see something cute and get a one track mind….that being said, I had this idea in my head last night but my headache was unreal, so I passed on a haircut at 11pm.  This morning during morning nap I decided to try it. I did a test run of a guard to make sure of the length I wanted, then took a minute to take the guard off and plug the clippers in for a few minutes you know for optimum performance…my plan was fool proof .  I had it perfectly pinned and researched, I came back a few minutes later picked up the clippers and went to work, H my handy helper standing in the door let out a gasp as I am running them over my previous under cut a huge chunk of hair fell to the floor. Woah that guard should not have even cut my previous except for maybe a few strays, so I look at my clippers and you got it, I forgot to replace the guard after I cleaned them.  I put a zero line down the side of my head and the back….. there is no coming back from that, and once you do it to one side you have to do the other.  You know what that leaves you? The hair on the top of your head, so for those of you out there who are tempted to whisper, let me clear the air for you……I do not have a condition that caused me to embrace the Natalie Portman look, I did not go all Britney Spears it was simple over sight and it was fatal.  I was devastated to say the least and I cried most of the day and then  I felt like my heart was saying- show me your looks aren’t important, you keep saying you don’t care what others think- living for an audience of one, what better time to show me.  Don’t kid yourself I grieved it all day and tonight I let my sweet husband finish up my mess and it felt so good.  Now you tell me he doesn’t have a sense of humor. you will find me in my hippy head wraps for the next 3 months learning some humility and patience because God gives us all a new start just like my hair !

Original goal ☝🏻

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